Tank:- Filth Hounds of Hades

Release:- 1982
Band Members:-Algy Ward, Peter Brabbs, Mark Brabbs,
Krillion's Rating:- 75%

'Tank' is an appropriate name for this group, this album is full of bombastic, 'in your face' British metal. I've heard many good things said about this album, especially comparing it to other NWOBHM classics. Is it a great album?. I'm not totally convinced.

The opening of 'Shellshock' is abysmal, it sounds like the whole band chanting some tribal war dance and it lasts for about 45 seconds, I don't quite know what they were trying to achieve. When we eventually get into the song it ain't bad, nice riffs and a Mötorhead style rolling groove. 'Struck by Lightening' quickly follows and you can barely tell, sounds very similar to the opener- nice stuff though. 'Run like Hell' and 'Blood Guts & Beer' are basic, but catchy and effective. 'That's What Dreams Are Made Of', features the classic line "Love is like dragging your balls across barbed wire", told you they were in your face, very odd lyrics on this track. The rest of the album chugs along in the expected style, no-nonsense, crud, but catchy, but hey that's you expect from an album like this. 'Who Need Love songs' features a lighter chorus but still tries to incorporate areas of aggressive metal, doesn't quite work for me. The album closes with my choice of the album the oddly titled '(He Fell in Love with a) Stormtrooper', which features a rolling, captivating riff.

On the whole not a bad record, I'm sure it had a lot more impact when first released, as this dynamic style was just coming to the surface at that time.

Track Listing:- Shellshock, Struck by Lightening, Run Like Hell, Blood, Guts & Beer, T.W.D.A.M.O, Turn Your Head Around, Heavy Artillery, Who Needs Love Songs, Filth Hounds of Hade, (He Fell in Love with a) Stormtrooper,